The Practice Girl

Inspired by a comic series with the same name.



  1. Based on your last post, I assume you mean the comic by shadowjack. Too bad they don't seem to be active anymore, their stuff was good. Great work!

  2. Nice blog - really hot!

  3. After the divorce of Michelles parents her Mother started dating pretty soon. It didn't seem to be a big deal for her to spend time with men after being with Michelles father for so long. Her father on the other hand didn't seem to have it this easy. One evening Michelle asked her father why he wasn't seeing women. He was clearly uncomfortable talking about it but after a while he admitted that he wasn't comfortable spending time with women because he worried that he had gotten a little bit rusty.
    Michelle knew exactly what she had to do. The next time she'd spend the weekend at her fathers place she dressed up in the sluttiest clothes she had. She even wore the pink dog collar with "PRACTICE GIRL" on it that some of the boys gave her for her birthday.
    She had to use all her strength in order to walk up to her father like this. He was sitting on the couch watching a pornographic movie. When he saw his "son" dressed up like a whore he started yelling and she ended up crying bend over his lap. Luckily he wasn't angry anymore once Michelle had the chance to explain that she was providing the community with a service and that she felt her daddy was in dire need of them.
    After that day she spend a lot of time at her dads house. Even after months of practice her father still wasn't confident enough to date women. She didn't complain as she learned a lot of things too. She was just glad that she had chosen to become a practice girl.