Tasha Girl (You Choose)

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Here is another "You Choose" story line for you my pets. I do so much love interacting with you all and it gives you more of what you're looking for. So, what happens next? Should Tasha reject his offer? Should she seek advice from her mother? Do things start to unravel with her mother's lies? It's all up to you!!


Test Subject (Please Donate)

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Bad Break Up (Please Donate)

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Here's one that I've been working on for you for a while. It's finally done! It's a bit longer than my usual. I hope you like it!

Don't Mess With Her Things (Final)

Thank you to everyone who contributed their 
ideas for the story! 
I'll do another (You Choose) story soon!

Don't Mess With Her Things Part Three (You Choose)

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Okay my pets. Here's part three of Jake's tale. What happens next? Does Jake avoid Jared in some way or does he just face his friend and see what happens?